Smart Radiator Thermostat

This smart TRV can not only turn the radiator into a smart device, but also solve the problems that other smart TRVs can’t solve, so it can provide you with competitiveness and create higher sales.

We cut your bad reviews of the noise.

Motor sound is only 27dB, even better than Tado and Honeywell

“It sucks, their thermostat's not accurate”

You just need a sensor

Due to the TRV being installed on the radiator, the accuracy of temperature detection can be greatly affected. We provide a coin-sized wireless temperature sensor, so that it can be placed in any corner of the room, and provide a real and accurate temperature for that area.

Don’t let users evaluate your brand like the above.

4 display directions

Provide the best viewing angle in all installation scenarios, bringing you more sales.

Advanced PID control

Less energy-cost
More comfortable

A TRV that can only fully open or close the valve will cause temperature fluctuations and waste energy due to thermal inertia. But with PID control, it can control the degree of valve opening (0~100%).

The valve will gradually close as the room temperature rises, avoiding temperature overshoot, making it more energy-efficient and more popular among users.

Leave the after-sales to us, so you can focus on sales

Warranty: 5 years

Item Parameter
Power AA x 2, 3V DC
Battery life 3 years (calculated base on 6 months winter per year)
Protocol Zigbee
Motor sound 27dB
Accessory Wireless temperature & humidity sensor
Mode Heating and cooling
Adaptor M30 x 1.5, M28 x 1.5, RA, RAV, RAVL
Warranty 5 years
Voice control Google home, Amazon Alexa

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