Heat Pump Thermostat

This is a smart thermostat designed specifically for heat pumps, capable of controlling 1H/1C, 2H/2C, 3H/3C heating and cooling systems by connecting with the compressor.

Compressor protection

Lower risk
Save more money

Due to unexpected power outages and rapid power on, the compressor will be damaged due to the momentary switch, and our built-in compressor protection function in the thermostat can help users avoid this situation.

So that users can save money on a compressor by using your thermostat.

1H/1C, 2H/2C, 3H/2C

Wider application
More sales

The thermostat provides two-stage compressor control and auxiliary heating, which covers the use needs of all southern and northern US regions.

Help you cover more user groups and achieve higher sales.

Emergency Heating

No accident
Safe is save

The thermostat also provides emergency heating control. When the heat pump fails to continue heating, emergency heating will be activated to continue heating to prevent damage caused by low temperatures.

This is especially important when there are babies in the home!

Advanced CPH control

Less energy-cost
Longer service life

A heat pump’s compressor needs a lot of electricity to start, but the power consumption will be much lower once it stabilizes. So frequently turning on/off the compressor will consume more energy and reduce the service life.

The CHP control can greatly reduce the switching times of the compressor and prolong the service life, which is the function that users really need.

Item Parameter
Power 24V AC, ±15%, 50/60Hz
Battery AA x 3
Protocol Tuya WiFi
Load Standard HVAC system
Accessory Wall panel
Mode Heating, cooling, ventilation
Control Touch screen to control
Warranty 2 years
Voice control Google home, Amazon Alexa

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