Wireless Boiler Controller

Introducing the upcoming smart wireless thermostat set to hit the market. This cutting-edge device is compatible with boilers and heat pumps, making it the perfect choice for upgrading your existing heating system. Help to enhancing energy efficiency while elevating comfort levels for users.

Put it anywhere you like,
no wire required.

Table stand and wall clip optional.

Cover most of the heating systems.

Help you cover more user groups

Works with OpenThem

Less energy-cost
More comfortable

With OpenTherm, we help you enable boilers/heat pumps to adjust the output based on real-time demand to reduce energy and minimize temperature fluctuations.

Compared with other thermostats, OpenTherm reduces the number of boiler/heat pump switches and improves their service life.

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Energy saving
1 +
Erp level
Boiler plus
OTA upgrade available

Lower after-sales costs
Higher market share

Leave the high after-sales costs and customer complaints to your competitors, and use this part of the budget for sales to occupy more markets.

Through our OTA function, users can upgrade the sold product through the App to solve the problem without returning the product.

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Heating channels
Heat sources

Receiver For Thermostat

This receiver can be controlled by the wireless thermostat or controlled by App (WiFi) when going out. By connecting with a boiler/heat pump or water tank valve, energy saving and domestic hot water control can be achieved.

The status of the receiver is synchronized with the status of the wireless thermostat. When you use the App to control the receiver, the temperature data, mode, status, etc., of the wireless thermostat will be synchronized.

This not only provides users with rich and practical control functions, but also optimizes the operating experience.

Item Parameter
Power AA x 2, 3V DC
Battery life 2 years
Protocol RF, 50 meters (indoor)
Load Gas boiler, Heat pump
Accessory Receiver (230V, WiFi)
Mode Heating and cooling
Adaptor Table stand and wall clip
Warranty 2 years
Voice control Google home, Amazon Alexa

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