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Boiler Controller

Wireless thermostat

Underfloor Heating

Water & electric heating thermostat

Radiator Thermostats

Thermostatic radiator valve

Heat Pump Controller

Standard HVAC thermostat

As a manufacturer,
how we make your products more surging?

thermostat sensor

More comfortable
Fewer customer complaints

Got customer complaints about inaccurate temperature?

We provide 2 more sensors than others to detect heat from modules and relays, ensuring precise temperature. The temperature data are from 4 climate labs to ensure the device works well in any climate. 

Let your customers feel the real temperature and enjoy optimal comfort.

Climate labs
1 K
Control accuracy

Less energy-cost
More end user buying

With OpenTherm, we help you enable boilers/heat pumps to adjust the output based on real-time demand to reduce energy and minimize temperature fluctuations.

Compared with other thermostats, OpenTherm reduces the number of boiler/heat pump switches and improves their service life.

0 %
Energy saving
1 +
Erp level
Boiler plus

Lower after-sales costs
Higher market share

Leave the high after-sales costs and customer complaints to your competitors, and use this part of the budget for your sales to occupy more markets.

Through our OTA function, users can upgrade the sold product through the App to solve the problem without returning the product.

0 +
Heating channels
Heat sources

We guarantee your profits

A team with low cooperation not only bring communication costs to you but also leads to delivery delays and missed sales opportunities during the peak seasons. 

At Eukaus, customer support is our lifeblood. See how we guarantee your profits:

Why Choose Us
Meet Your Ecosystems

Eukaus provides hardware, software, mold, App customization to customize smart ecosystems for you or integrate with your existing ecosystems.

Guarantee Your Supplies

With 2 manufacturing bases, our monthly delivery reach to 400K units. This ensures punctual delivery for you and avoids the impact of supply fluctuation.

Enhances Your Brand

Raw material testing, producing, product inspections, we own all equipment and workflow. This guarantees product uniformity, ensures top quality, maintains and enhances your brand reputation.

Save Your Time

With a 90-year history, Nemko is a global leader in certification. We have established a lab with Nemko, this allows for early-stage CE-related directive testing of new products, ultimately reducing your time to market.

Seeing Is Believing

Zigbee & Z-Wave

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Don't believe what we say,

believe what the market says.

Customer info is priceless, so we withheld the company names and key info to protect the privacy of our customers.

*All info has been authorized by the customers for display.

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